about Lisa

Lisa began her passionate journey into Hatha Yoga by rooting deeply into the Ashtanga Vinyasa system in 1995.

Studying with some of the most renowned senior teachers for several years she was inspired to share her passion with the community by becoming a certified teacher herself. After completing a 200hr Hatha Yoga certification with Aananda Yoga, she then took on a leadership role & partnered by becoming the co-director and senior teacher with school founder, Surendran Pandaran. Lisa lead 200hr Hatha Vinyasa trainings for over 10 years and has graduated over 350 teachers. Lisa is also Reiki Master, classical Ayurvedic Thai-Yoga body worker, which complements her Restorative Fusion trainings which she has been offering since 2013. 

In addition to her teachings, Lisa specializes in private yoga classes with high profile individuals, public figures & Professional Athletes. She offers NDA privacy agreements to ensure all client information remains private. 

With Lisas’ long time passion of intentionally bringing others together in the name of wellness, she has blossomed into a community leader in the south Florida area. 

Lisa has created a deeper connections for the conscious community in soflo and beyond with her online Facebook & Meetup hubs "the yoga cOMmUNITY of south Florida", "Fort Lauderdale Beach Yoga by Donation" and also official website directory "Yoga cOMmUNITY Florida", which supports studios, teachers and practioners, her love in offering donation based yoga classes, and production of meaningful events, such as The Zen Cruise, & co producer of Yoga Fest FL 

See more at: yogacOMmUNITYFL.com , Beach Yoga by DonationTheZenCruise.com​, YogaFestfl.com 

​There is very few people on the planet that go to the extent that Lisa does to support, and nurture her students and fellow teachers. Within the past 2 years, my association with her has enhanced my teaching to another level. By her example, I believe anything is possible if we set our minds on our goals.

- Loren Russo/Lila Padma , Founder & Bhakti/JivaMukti Yoga of The Bhakti House,  www.lorenrusso.com

Lisa Pumper has been a part of Red Pearl Yoga since our beginnings in 2002. I have been so honored to see her grow from student, to teacher, and now leading Yoga Teachers Trainings in South florida. Each teacher I have met that has come out of the program is a testament to Lisa's knowledge, dedication, kindness and generosity; She imparts thos qualities fully into everything she touches. Lisa also has an admirable passion and ability to unite the entire South florida Yoga Community  through her authenticity, integrity and warmth. We are lucky to have her...can we clone her?

- Karen Gavrilov, Founder & Yoga Teacher of Red Pearl Yoga 

Lisa has a beautiful way of connecting with each student. Her encouraging voice and sweet demeanor allows you to feel comfortable with her. She is always willing to help and wholeheartedly believes in sharing the gift of Yoga. Her selfness actions make her a unique and special Yogini. It is a blessing to have crossed paths with her; especially having her yummy Restorative Workshops at my studio. I feel like new person afterwards.

-Rina Jakubowicz, Founder & International Yoga Teacher of Rina Yoga

​How does one sum up the character of Lisa Pumper? Loving mother and wife, amazing Yoga instructor, inspiring teacher trainer, guru of workshops. The list could go on and on! However, Lisa shines the most as a real icon in the Yoga community here in South Florida due to the consistant help that she provides her fellow teachers and local studios. Lisa is involved in the promotion of countless Yoga events, teacher trainings, new studio openings, and workshops. I would say that most of the promotional work, if not all of it, is done just out of the goodness her heart, and without any monetary return. Lisa Pumper really is a "household name" in the Yoga community. Her selfless motivation is guided by the love of Yoga and healing as well as the desire to create wonderful opportunities to the individuals in our community.

- Erika Metz, Yoga Therapist / Co Founder WufShanti

​Lisa has created a great network allowing the south Florida Yoga Community to stay connected and informed of classes, events, workshops and teacher trainings. This takes a lot of creativity, time and commitment which is a testament to her virtue. We are lucky to have someone in the Community who is devoted to keeping our Yoga family connected. 

- Joy Kochmer Yoga Teacher/Studio Owner Om Joyful Yoga 

Lisa Pumper is AMAZING! Such a giver, leader and connector in our Yoga cOMmUNITY. It is always a blessing to welcome her to The Standard Spa and practice in all her classes! the Restorative is my Favorite!! XOMMMMM

- Tamare Anju,  Director Yoga  Movement+ Meditation @ The Standard Spa​
Yoga happened in me unexpectedly. Of course, the seeds were there, so was the exposure. But, as in Buddha’s case, there were also the extremes. In the right soil, with the right support from great friends, the middle path of Yoga started to emerge with new shoots of green from me. In ways I didn’t realize often then, Lisa Pumper was there to nurture it with her integrity.

One day Lisa approached me about revitalizing the Aananda Teacher Training program. With a committed dedication, she helped to develop our program to what it is today.

In her recommendations of appropriate teachers, friendships and personal likes or dislikes took a back seat to the knowledge and ability of their teaching skills. She was willing to give up her own favorite classes when she thought our students may benefit more from a different style from a different teacher.

Every time a student showed weakness in learning, she was there to give extra guidance. And if the student wasn’t still improving, she called me and made sure I did everything in my power to assist and direct that student. I have taken Ashtanga Vinyasa classes both in India and here in USA. I feel that Lisa is one of the best Ashtanga Vinyasa Teachers in South Florida.

- Surendran K. Pandaran Founder, Aananda Inc School of Yoga